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Villa del Carbón – a weekend at the ranch outside of the Valley of Mexico..

Where to go, what to visit? Between searching online, or asking people for tips on where to go, what places to visit, there are always an unlimited amount of suggestions that come up.
Depending on who we would ask, of course, we would either get the “High Society, Mister!” answer of our richest of the rich mirreyes (lit. ‘my kings’, as kids flaunting richness are mockingly called) students with spas, theme-parked resorts, and bea-uuuu-tiful shopping malls, the most extensive holiday cabins with private golf courts (well, maybe not that), jacuzzis (probably), and not even realise you’re in unique place A, B, or C in Mexico…


Mexico City at its best: art during its holidays

Come visit Mexico City! You will find it at its best: when you’re a tourist. While I feel you have to live in a city to truly be able to understand, live, and appreciate it, that doesn’t.. erhm.. always mean more delight. For us it’s highly important then to now and then step out, be a tourist, and visit those museos, iglesias, monumentos, jardines botánicos, et cetera. You should too! Go out there and enjoy the city as tourists would – why would they visit your city anyway! The Chilangos (as the derogatory term goes for Mexico Cityzens, contemporarily worn with pride) tend to fill the colonial villages annexed by the city like…