Shorter, more often, more easily digestible, and: looking back

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And so forth. It’s almost a year since my last blogpost and I have felt the itch to write more. Maybe it’s the coffee I’m drinking right now. Maybe it’s the urge to feel more productive (damn you Calvinist culture!), while not feeling fitter, happier. Heh. More productive.

In 3 weeks, we’ll be gone from here. It’s time for a new chapter. Which would go perfectly with writing more, too. Looking back, I haven’t done that too much. The lethargy fueled by the ever increasing air pollution, the ever present noise and light pollution, the ever present encampment at the end of our street…

546 days, and counting...
546 days, and counting…

… the decision to focus on finding a job outside of Mexico instead of fighting for work in a place I feel due to leave, doesn’t help.

I haven’t reflected too much on the past year, and blogging is like therapy in that sense. Force yourself to go through the motions, force yourself to have that conversation with yourself. Looking back, I haven’t done that too much.

One of the best decisions I’ve made this year, besides deciding to move, is taking up a Python programming course. Some languages seem to throw brackets, parentheses, accolades and whatnot like sticks and splinters at your retinas, but Python is just sheer beauty, well-written prose. A few weeks after I had started, I looked back, thinking: I hadn’t done that too much.

Sometimes, situations arise, and we smile. We look around, really open our eyes, and enjoy the moment. However at other times, we benefit from forcing out a smile, because being intrinsically happy is never wrong, which can help us enjoy the moment a bit more. I forget. But then I write, thinking: I haven’t done that enough.




Here… we…




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